NZBGet - Download

Latest stable release

Version: 21.1
Release Date: 3 June 2021
Release Notes

Stable releases are recommended for new users and for users not having much time for possible error handling.

Latest testing release

Version: 21.2-r2333
Release Date: 1 October 2021
Release Notes

Testing releases are recommended for experienced users familiar with NZBGet.




Windows XP and later, 32 or 64 Bit.

Manual: Installation on Windows.


MacOS 10.7 Lion and later, 64 Bit.

Manual: Installation on Mac.


Linux kernel 2.6 and later, x86 (32 or 64 Bit), ARM (32 or 64 Bit), MIPS, PowerPC.

Manual: Installation on Linux.


FreeBSD 9.1 and later, x86 (64 Bit).

Manual: Installation on FreeBSD.



Android 5.0 and later, x86 (32 Bit), ARM (32 or 64 Bit).

Use installer and frontend app to install the daemon automatically. See manual below for details.

Installer and frontend app


Android 5.0 and later, x86 (32 Bit), ARM (32 or 64 Bit).

Manual: Installation on Android.

Other POSIX systems

Check the package repository of your OS. If you can't find NZBGet there or if you want a newer version please install from source code.

Manuals: Installation on POSIX, Cross-compiling.

Source code


Source code includes configure and make files for POSIX and project files for MS Visual Studio.

Latest development sources

The latest development sources are available in GitHub repository.

Development code may contain serious bugs and is therefore not recommended for average users.

Manual: Build the latest development version.

Old releases

Older versions can be obtained from the GitHub project releases page.