Installation on Android


All steps to perform on your Android device:

NOTE: this app is only a frontend to NZBGet downloader background process, which the app installs and launches. The app isn’t updated often but it always installs the latest version of nzbget by downloading it from NZBGet download page;

NOTE: the installer app requires Android 5 or later. However to install NZBGet on older Android versions nzbget-android-1.1-bin.apk still can be used. It installs general Linux version of NZBGet daemon instead of the version built specifically for Android.

  • install downloaded apk-file. You may need to enable a setting allowing installation of apps outside of Play store;
  • launch NZBGet app;
  • click Install Daemon;
  • click Latest Stable;
  • the installer app downloads the Android installer package of NZBGet and performs the installation;
  • the success of installation is confirmed with message “NZBGet daemon has been successfully installed”.


  • to start downloader process launch NZBGet app and choose Start daemon. You get a confirmation about successful start;
  • in NZBGet app choose Show web-interface; that opens a web-browser. Alternatively open a web-browser manually and navigate to http://localhost:6789. Alternatively open a web-browser on your PC or any other device on the same network and navigate to http://ip-of-android-device:6789;
  • at this point you can close NZBGet app, the daemon process remains running in background;
  • use web-interface to control NZBGet daemon.

Post-processing scripts

Most scripts are written in Python. Unfortunately there is no Python for Android. That means most scripts will not work. Bash scripts may work but you may need to install BusyBox from Play store. You also must configure option ScriptDir to system partition (scripts cannot be launched from sdcard). Post-processing scripts do not work properly due to OS limitations.

Installation on Android Emulator

The steps documented above will not work in Android Emulator. Installation there requires more manual work. Please see Installation on Android emulator for details.