Installation on Android emulator

Preparing VM

  • First install Android into VirtualBox as explained in How to Install Android in VirtualBox;
  • Change network settings for VM in VirtualBox to use Bridged adapter;
  • In Android VM start Terminal app and type

the IP shown on eth0 is the IP address of the VM.

Accessing VM from host

You need the tool called adb (android debugger). It is included in Android Studio, a development tool available for free from Actually you only need the adb-executble but it’s not available for download separately. You can download it from other questionable sources though.

Connect adb to VM:

adb connect <IP-OF-VM>

Now you can use all adb command, for example open shell:

adb shell

Installing NZBGet

  • transfer NZBGet Linux installer package into VM:
    adb push -p /path/to/local/ /sdcard/Download
  • connect to VM shell:
    adb shell
  • become root:
  • change into directory where you want to install NZBGet. That must be a directory which allows running executables, you can’t use “sdcard” for that. A good place for that is /data/data/nzbget:
    cd /data/data
    • install NZBGet:
    sh /sdcard/Download/ --nocheck

Parameter “–nocheck” instructs the installer to skip verification step. The android shell is very limited and the check always fails.

Using NZBGet

  • test if NZBGet can be started:
    /data/data/nzbget/nzbget -v
    nzbget version: 16.0
  • start NZBGet in server console mode:
    TERM=linux /data/data/nzbget/nzbget -s

Press q to exit.

  • start NZBGet in daemon mode:
    /data/data/nzbget/nzbget -D
  • on your host start web-browser and connect to NZBGet running in VM using the known IP-address, for example:;
  • go to settings and configure news-servers, save settings and reload NZBGet;
  • add an nzb-file and try download something;
  • if you get messages “Could not resolve host <address of your news server>” go to settings and replace the dns name with IP-address of the news-server;

At this point you should be able to download and unpack files.