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What is NZBGet?

NZBGet is an efficient, open-source Usenet software designed for downloading binary content from Usenet newsgroups. No matter how simple or complex your setup is, NZBGet is a lightweight application that has been optimized for speed and performance on any device.

NZBGet Features

Efficient Performance

NZBGet is a lightweight NZB downloader client that has been optimized for speed and performance.

Web Interface and Remote Access

The application provides a web-based user interface for managing downloads, making it accessible from various devices.

Automation and Queue Management

NZBGet supports various automation scripts and integrations, allowing users to automate the download process.

Extension and Customization

It acts as a Usenet client that can download binary files using NZB files, which contain information about the file locations on the Usenet server.

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Version 24.1

Supported on all major operating systems, select your system below to download or view our source code on Github.










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Our Mission

The project, driven by dedicated Usenet enthusiasts, is committed to enhancing the original project's features to meet the evolving needs of the community. Our goal is to continuously enhance the application's functionality, performance, and security through regular updates and improvements to keep the best client on the market. NZBGet is and will remain freely available for download and use.

We remain committed to operating NZBGet under the principles of open-source software, welcoming contributions from the community. This spirit of openness ensures that NZBGet remains a cutting-edge, feature-rich downloader. User feedback is valued, and we encourage users to email us to report any bugs or submit a feature request. As a community project, please send us an email to let us know what features you would like to see or if you encounter any bugs.

If you find NZBGet valuable and enjoy its benefits, please consider supporting future development by making a donation. Contributions demonstrate the popularity of this software and are greatly appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

NZBGet is a popular Usenet downloader designed to efficiently download binary content from Usenet newsgroups. It works by processing NZB's, which contain information about the articles you want to download, and then retrieves and assembles those from Usenet servers.
NZBGet supports secure connections to Usenet servers using SSL/TLS encryption, ensuring your downloads are private and protected.
You can find installation instructions and guides for various operating systems in our documentation. We offer step-by-step guides to make the installation process straightforward.
Yes, NZBGet is often used in combination with other Usenet tools like Sonarr and Radarr. It can integrate seamlessly with these applications to automate your Usenet.
NZBGet is known for its low system resource usage. The specific requirements depend on your usage, but it can run on modest hardware configurations. You can find detailed information in our documentation.
Yes, NZBGet can handle par2 files, which are used to repair damaged or incomplete downloads. It can automatically detect and repair such files, ensuring you get complete and error-free articles.
The default NZBGet port is 6789 and can be accessed through the web-interface at http://localhost:6789/.
Yes! The NZBGet project remains live and active. To get involved, join the discussion, submit a bug, or create a pull request on our Github page.